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::: Riaz Qureshi k/a Riaz Dooley:::


The man who invented the bucket shops offering airline discounted airfares upto 80% off normal economy schedule airfares on worldwide airline and was given a title of THE KING OF BUCKET SHOPS by the British Media.

Riaz Qureshi, known as Riaz Dooley, was born in 1941 into a farming family in Sialkot Punjab, Pakistan.Even as a child he was an extrovert,and at the age of 11 was selected from the hundreds of young hopefuls to play a major role in a Pakistani film,"THE COACH", about a young boy forced to care for his elderly parents.He was billed by his family nickname "DOLLY",and the film was quite a hit.After appearing in the other films, He travelled to Britain in 1963 to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), London.But new exchange control regulations introduce by Pakistan soon after he started studying made it difficult for his parents to continue to send his tuition fees,so he was faced with the option of returning to a comparatively comfortable life in Pakistan or trying to make it on his own in London,Whilst in London he worked as a film actor, taking any part and type of work he could find. He served behind the counter in several shops, worked on a market stall, in the import-export business and even had a spell as a conductor on London�s famous red buses"which taught him a lot about travel and travellers."Because of his experience on the buses he probably has a far better knowledge of London's streets than most Cockneys!

Riaz Dooley has always been interested in international travel and used every spare moment to study the British travel trade. In 1977 he rented a small kiosk inside Paddington underground station, which he turned into a mini travel agency,called Underground Air Travel, and concentrated on cut-price air travel to all parts of the world.

He soon found that the name Qureshi was causing pronunciation problems for his British customers,and one night an Irish friend said "Your Asian friends call you Dolly-why not change your name to Dooley?and become the first Pakistani Irish man"He did,and has never looked back.

Working 16 hours a day,six days a week,Dooley steadily built up his business intrests and in 1980, Dooley shocked the established travel trade by bringing the cut- price air ticket business out of its twilight world into the open by setting up Britain�s first High Street BUCKET SHOP, the Travel Bazaar at 221 Westbourne Park Road, West London. This move brought a hostile reaction from the travel establishment who, knowing full well they could never eliminate cut-price ticket operation,wanted them to stick to their previous low-profile operation,with premises often in London's Soho above strip clubs or in dingy offices tucked away in side streets.Some tour operators even threatened Dooley with legal action to stop him displaying their brochures,but Dooley's legal advisers had studied the laws concerning illegal restrictions on fair trading,and he forced the tour operators to climb down.He is also an astute politician,and realised that a British Government wholly committed to free,open trade could never stand by and see free enterprise being stifled by the "big boys." Dooley thus became a thorn in the side of the largest operators and the most controversial figure in the travel trade.

In 1980 Dooley appeared in a number of TV discussion programs on cut-price air travel and once the interviewer introduced him as the King of cut �price air travel and the label has now stuck to this day as a King of the bucket shops. He went from strength to strength, and his reputation became such that in 1982 he was invited to the House of Commons to address the influential All-Party Parliamentary Committee on Aviation to give his views on cut-price air travel, his views received widespread publicity in the press, radio and TV.

Also in 1982 he started his own tours to Thailand under the "Bangkok Tours" banners, In August 1983 his organization was granted an Air Travel Organizer�s License (ATOL) by the Civil Aviation Authority, which ment he could then run his own inclusive tour packages. When asked by a travel writer how an ATOL License could be granted to a bucket shop operator, a Civil Aviation Authority spokesman replied: We haven�t granted a license to a bucket shop. We have given it to his travel group. An ATOL applicant must prove he has sufficient backing and the professional knowledge to deal with the holidays. Mr. Dooley submitted sufficient backing information to prove he could measure up to these requirements.

Dooley, who is a British citizen and refer to himself as a British Pakistani has always an interest in politics. He completed an Open University degree course in political science, Decision making in Britain and is a champion of the underdog no matter what his color or religion. Among his many activities he was a founder member of the All Party Asian Parliamentary Reform Group (APRG), which was set up to make British Asian more aware of the role they can play in British politics and to encourage them to take a greater interest in the political life of the nation. He has also produced an award winning film on immigration, Welcome to Britain.

Dooley was National Vice Chairman (1986/1987) of the Anglo-Asian Conservation Society under the presidency of the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and stood for parliamentary election in Brent East (London) in 1987 against Ken Livingston (The present Mayor of London).

Dooley has been in the travel industry for almost over three decades and is the Chairman of Dooley Travel Group PLC, which became a limited liability company in 1987. Dooley Travel Group provides a franchise network and training for those who wish to set up in the travel industry. He also manages and runs the Sky Travel Club and Dooley�s Bucket shop on line which provide the cheapest air fares in the market worldwide. Dooley also has a website called Dooley opened the 1st online website for Internet users namely which provide information on the cheapest discounted airfares worldwide.

Outside his work and politics, Dooley is keenly interested in sport and exotic cooking and hit the headlines in 1978 over on incident at Lords Cricket Ground. He had won the concession to supply traditional food to the Pakistani team during the Test Match and Dooley was so disappointed with the visiting team�s poor display that he refused to serve the players with their main curry dish!

Dooley opened the first Gay Curry Club (The Viceroy Club) at Edgware Road Marbel arch in 1992,which received a lot of editorial news coverage,specially on famous page three of the Sun. This news was also covered by other national and ethnic press including radio and TV. Since 1980 Dooley has appeared in the BBC 2 Man Alive Programme,(Air Fares.Un fare) Holiday Programme-Money Programme-World In Action-Thames News-Panorama-BBC 1-Channel 4 Newes-ITV-Sky News-CNN -Channel 5 Irish Tv-Swedish NRK News-Norwegian Television News-also appeared in the USA,Australia,and the continent and on and off he is still invited to appear on the Radio and TV for his views and comments on a number of subjects,he often contributes to the magazines and newspapers. Doolery has been featured on Radio/TV and in the Newspapers namely the Daily Express-The Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday-Guardian-Telegraph-The Scotsman-The Business Travel World-Travel Trade Gazette-Travel News-Business Traveller-What Holiday-Holiday Which-Herald Turbine-Air Finance Journal-Financial Times-Marketing Week-Wall St.Journal-The Nation Bangkok-Titbits London-Executive Travel-The Times-Sunday Times-The Times USA-News Of The World-Daily Star-The Sun-Evening Standard-The Evening News-Sunday Telegraph-Sunday Observer-Daily Jang International-The News-Mashriq Weekly- Daily Ausaf-The Daily Nation-India Weekly-West Indian World-New Days NewYork-New York Time- The Forbes NewYork-National Times Of Australia-Melbourne Herald-sun Herald Australia-VG Oslo-News Net Netherlands-Arab News Gulf Times-Gulf News-Gulf Mirror-Times Of India-Hindustan Times-Mind Your Own Business Magazine and many many more throughout the world. Riaz Dooley is married and has three children and lives in the London Borough of Harrow.

Contact Detail:
Mr Riaz Dooley
Mod: ++ 44 (0)7903678199
Tel: ++ 44 (0)2085821144
Address: 253A Field End Road Eastcote Middlesex HA4 9NJ. London United Kingdom.


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Riaz Dooley with pile of his newspaper clipping
in which he has write-ups about him and his business.

Late Mr Ather Ali (BBC Journalist), Mr Agha Sahi (a Pakistani ex cabinet minister),
late Mr Manmohan Sing (famous Travel Agent), Mr Lavi Butt (Businessman),
Mr Mansoor Mojiz (poet and senior journalist).

Khan Brothers (Insurance Tycoon), Riaz Dooley,
Senator Tariq Azim Khan (cabinet minister of information Pakistan 2006).

Senator Tariq Azim Khan (cabinet minister of information Pakistan 2006).
Mr Habib-Ur-Rehmen (editor Daily Ausaf), Mr Sher Shah Qurfshi (businessman), Riaz Dooley.

Dr Khan, Dr Ghouri, Mr Ghulam Mustfa Joati (Ex-Prime minister of Pakistan),
Riaz Dooley.

Riaz Dooley with late Yaser Arfat (plo leader).

Malik Mahmood, Riaz Dooley and Yaser Arfat.

Mochael Ellison (EX Sec ) Margarett Thatcher Prime Minister) with Riaz Dooley.

Greg Dyke (ex-director general BBC),
Keith Vaz MP and Riaz Dooley

Geof Mirza (comedian), Javed Sheikh (actor/ Director),
Riaz Dooley, Salim Sheikh (businessman),
Nadeem (ary Digital Television).

Riaz Dooley, Miss Sana (Pakistani Film Star), Azmat Bajwah (TV Broadcaster).

Senator Tariq Azim Khan, Salma Agha (singer/ Actress),
Mrs Nairender Saroop, Peri chera Naseem (Actress/ Singer),
Riaz Dooley, Major Marinder Saroop (politician).

Major Narinder Saroop, Lady Suraj Paul, Lord Paul,
Dilip Kumar (actor), Riaz Dooley,
Late Noor Jehan (singer/ actress),
Mrs Saroop and Dr Zubida.

Riaz Dooley and Javed Riaz Syed (JD) at
The laying foundation cermoney of master plan of ISLAMABAD
by the Late Field Marshall Mohammed Ayub Khan
(President of Pakistan) 24 May 1960.

Elvis Preseley (Leyton Summers), Riaz Dooley and Late LORD SUTCH.

Dooley with Elvis Preseley (Leyton Summers) And Belly Dancer.

Riaz Dooley (KING OF BUCKET SHOP) and Elvis Preseley (Leyton Summers).

Dooley In The Middle Of LORD S Paul (Chairman Capro Industry) And Dileep Kumar (Indian Actor).

Dooley, Salma Agha Saeed Jaffery.

Riaz Dooley (King Of Bucket Shop) with Staff Members.

Riaz Dooley 1970.

Riaz Dooley with his Grand Son KAREEM 2006

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